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Personalize your practice.

Looking to deepen your practice?

To foster community and ease in a workplace?

To celebrate a birthday or wedding?

The possibilities are endless...

1:1 Lessons

This offering is best suited for the yogi who is looking to learn how to use the asana/physical practice to compliment his/her life, as well as the yogi who is wanting to work on specific skills. 

These lessons can be done in person for those local to NYC or via zoom!


Private Group Classes

This offering is suited for anyone who is hoping to create a shared experience for their team/friends/family/etc.

Groups can range from small groups of 10 or under to 100+ people! 

These offerings can be customized to your needs! Vinyasa yoga, group meditations, slow flow - anything is possible!

Want to learn more?

Click the button below, or inquire via email for all rates and availability!

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